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Beings on the Waterfront is a series of outings to waterfront locations in Bristol and is an outing of Being Lady Lucy. Being Lady Lucy brings together the real and virtual, a real artist with her sketchbooks, drawing the people who come accross her on the waterfront, and the virtual a living, breathing blog.

Portraits for Services, Gifts and Favours Museum of London 18th May – 16th June 2017 (display documentation)   Lady Lucy : Portraits for Services, Gifts and Favours Display / installation shots   Read an interview with the Museum here :

7th October, 2017 – 10:00AM – 10:00PM Join us as the Museum of London is taken over by artists, performances, music and activities. This free festival will celebrate London’s place as a vibrant, cultural, global city. Featuring laughter yoga, zine

Digital visions of London faces of the capital photographed and portrait painting in exchange for a favour – artists take over the Museum of London. City Now City Future Museum of London 18 May 2017 – 15 April 2018 City

Portraits for Services, Gifts and Favours Ongoing  (2014- 2017) Project Blog :    


Light Years Film Poster This Collage was commissioned by the filmmaker Esther May Campbell for the promotion of her stunning debut feature Light Years. 

Painting Film collage Book (2015) 48 collages on paper contained in Modern Painting book. Click on images for slide show.   48 collages on paper contained in Modern Painting book.

31/10/2015 Amy Feneck and ruth Beale from Rabbits Road Institute invited me to join them and paint portraits of community members visiting The Rabbits Road Open Day at Old Manor Park Library. Over the next two years Create will

Titles (Double Lives) series Pen on Paper 2015 Paulette, Paulette, Paulette; Jean Scene; James Susan Home From the Hill with The World .. ; Quieter Moments Submerging; Carmen Cards 1,2,3 & I Fell; Cowboy in the Room; Jet Storm Lee

          STRANGE ATTRACTION A.P.T Gallery, 20th March – 5th April, 2015