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Hope Recordings
Hope Recordings
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Hope Recordings is the oldest of the Hope Music Group's businesses and has made over 50 releases in the past 6 years. Current artists include The Capoeira Twins, Grayarea, Orchid & Narcose, Moguai and Starecase.

Hope Music Group also includes; 420 Recordings, a label run in conjunction with Timo Maas and Martin Buttrich, featuring Loco Dice, DJ Hyper, D:Weed and Haktan O Nal amongst its growing rosta; Hope Music, the publishing arm and Hope Management.

Hope Tracks 01
1 Freeland - ‘Supernatural thing’
2 Freeland - ‘We want your soul’
3 Hyper - ‘Shock Proof
4 Moguai - ‘Get On – Hyper Mix
5 Way Out West - ‘Anything but you’
6 Way Out West - ‘Don’t orget me’
7 Timo Maas – Shifter (feat. Mc Cheekaboo)
8 Timo Maas – ‘To get down’
9 Evil Nine - ‘Crooked (feat. Aesop Rock)’
10 Evil Nine - ‘Even the smells’

Hope Tracks 02
1 Azzido Da Bass - ‘Dooms night (Timo Maas Mix)’
2 Paganini Trax - ‘Zoe (Timo Maas Mix)’
3 Ian Wilkie Vs Timo Maas
4 Jan Driver - ‘Drive By’
5 Jean Jacques Smoothie
- ‘2 people (Silk Machete vocal mix)

6 Starecase - ‘Faith’
7 Starecase - ‘See’