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I am the Mighty Jungulator
I Am The Mighty Jungulator
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Sound & VisionSound
Genre-splicing stupagrüp fusing virtuosic sample-mixing with real analogue musicians to create brown sofa symphonies and wide-screen hybrids of dream-core, atomised beat, and krautrock. Their audio engine is described as ’a sonic philosophers stone’ and ’the potters’ wheel of sound’. IATMJ won best new electronic act at the Diesel New Music Awards 2004, and feature on a world-wide compilation of winners released in 2005. They have appeared at Rotterdam International Film Festival, Tate Britain, The Dana Centre, Big Chill Festival, ResFest, the Institute of Contemporary Arts and the Royal Festival Hall. IATMJ also develop generative audio-visual systems for stand alone presentation, innovative education work, and to ’declassify’ orchestras.

I Am The Mighty Jungulator 30.45

Spread the Love
1 Horn of the Lord 7.23
2 Riley Drome 6.03
3 Sunshine of your Load 7.40
4 Spread the Love 4.52
5 The Mountain Boss 13.51
6 Glory Hole 4.57
7 The Palace at the End 7.00


Beep Beep 1.42
Junglded 0.52
Spread The Love 5.07
Voyage 10.34