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Semiotic – (adj - The study of signs and symbols, especially as elements of language or other systems of communication)

A new company focusing on the collaboration of musicians, animators, filmmakers and producers to create media that is challenging and exciting. A company that has specialised skills in each area of audio-visual media, producing a refreshing and innovative approach to film and sound.

Will Brownlie - Trained as a classical double bass player and a self taught producer. Will has written for, and played in bands of various types mainly staying within the realms of electronica, drum and bass and hip-hop. Now focusing more on MIDI orchestration and writing classical compositions as well as more challenging electronica for soundtracks. Will is currently working on a solo album which is to be released later this year, as well as co-writing the new “Statik Sound Systems” Album with Pete. He is also trained in single camera video production mainly within documentary filmmaking and music video. Will has worked as a freelance session musician and producer for the last four years.

1 Clockwork Penguins
2 I like Polar Bears
3 Amilie Dances
4 Autumn Night
5 October Frost
6 For Certain
7 Minor Shock
8 Polar Bear Nightmares
9 Wasps vs Bees
10 Spiders Making Cobwebs
11 The Day my Rabbit left me
12 The Last Battle of the Badgers
13 Moles Drilling


Throwdown 3.38


Richie Tann – Trained as a computer animator and a digital media technician with a background in Computer Science, Richie started animating in 2001 whilst at University studying Computer Science. Richie has an MSc in Computer Animation and Special Effects, specialising in the use of Optical Motion Capture. His interest in the links between the audio-visual elements of human perception, and his musical knowledge has led him towards numerous animation projects with an emphasis on the visual representation of sound and music.

Pete Webb – Trained as a musician and a researcher. As an original member of “Statik Sound Systems” Pete has released three albums, six singles and featured on countless compilations. As a researcher he publishes journals relating to the music industry and its effects in society. Among his published work there is a large focus on Bristol’s music scene and the relationship of music with the Internet. He has a PhD in the sociology of music from the University of the West of England, and is currently carrying out research for the University of Birmingham.