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System Vertigo
System Vertigo
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Press Quotes for Suburbia Kills

D.J. Magazine/ destined for the big time...

Wax / This is pure genius...

Big Issue/ Very classy album...

XFM Radio London/ System Vertigo are going to be big...

Virtually Alternative USA/ Not since Massive Attack or Portishead has Bristol produced such a stunning album... a masterpiece.

Seven Mag London/ A truly maverick album...

Decode Mag/ This towers above most music on offer today...

Venue/ One of the most original and soulful voices this city has ever produced...

System Vertigo interview:

Album: Suburbia Kills
1 There is a place
2 Twisted & Broken
3 Interlude
4 Still It Remains
5 Compulsion
6 Take Me Over
7 Suburbia Kills
8 Afterlife
9 I Feel the Sun
10 First Light (Next Morning)
11 I’m Falling

1 There is a place - DJ Madds Remix
2 Twisted & Broken SVII - Radio Remix
3 Twisted & Broken SVII - Club Remix


There is a Place
Twisted & Broken