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Being Lady Lucy on The Waterfront (posted 24 June)

Being Lady Lucy is artist Lady Lucy's ongoing sketchbook portrait series. Snap shooting in drawing our everyday lives, LL always has her sketchbook, pens and pencils with her drawing a commemorative picture of the people she meets and what they have said. The collection spans over 5 years, 40 sketchbooks and 1000 drawings. You can visit the archive at

Electric Pavilion commissioned the artist to make BeingLL on The Waterfront. A series of outings to waterfront locations in Bristol. LL invited people to come and meet her, have a passing conversation, and get their portrait done to keep for free.

Lady Lucy has been on the waterfront in various locations throughout the week beginning 20 June, you can catch her today and tomorrow 10AM - 4PM daily at:

Friday 24th June

Arnolfini Bookshop and information point 16 Narrow Quay, Bristol BS1 4QA

Saturday 25th June

Station, Phoenix Wharf, Bristol