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Welcome to Starshed
Imagine a city mapped out in stories: Starshed takes your tales of the uncanny and writes them on the stars.
Starshed finds the extraordinary in the everyday.
There are shedloads of stories out there - map yours
onto a constellation of your choice using your mobile phone or the
internet. Each constellation corresponds to a real place in the city.
Have you ever had a strange or quirky experience in Bristol ?
Hauntings in Hartcliffe? Deja-vu on Durdham Down? Premonitions in St
Paul's? Synchronicity in St Anne's? Nightmares in Knowle? Or any
other weird and wonderful event anywhere in the city?
If so, we would love to see your story added to the new constellations that have been discovered in the Starshed.
Be a star and share your tales with Bristol.